Take that Leap of Faith!


When I was 11, I was fortunate enough to spend the summer in Hawaii, where my mom grew up.  Waimea Bay is on the North Shore of Oahu and was one of my favorite places we visited that summer.  There’s a giant rock that sits in Waimea that juts out from the beach, where kids like to jump into the ocean.  The water is crystal clear and gorgeous and when you look down, it looks like very shallow, even though it isn’t.

It’s a loooooong way down!  I don’t know how high up it is…I’d guess about 40 feet at the top.  Even though my big brother jumped, I couldn’t get the nerve to jump from the top and so I jumped from about halfway up.  I wanted to jump before the summer was over and many times, I walked to the top and tried to work up my nerve to do it, but couldn’t overcome my fear and make that leap.

Fast-forward a few decades, I went back to Waimea and watched a new generation of kids jump from that rock (I took the above photo that day).  It was still scary, but this time I finally got up my nerve and made the leap.  It felt great to be back there on that rock, with my own kids who were about the age I was back then, and finally do it.  It was a small but exciting little victory for me!

Here’s a photo of Waimea Bay so you can see how big that rock is.  Check out how tiny the people are on top of it!


What are you letting hold YOU back in your life right now?

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