I’m back, can’t wait to see my dogs!

I’ve been traveling a lot the past few weeks and got home on Saturday.  The traveling and time off was nice but I’m glad to be home and sleeping in my own bed again.  My 2 beloved dogs are staying at the “Doggy Hotel” AKA kennel and unfortunately they don’t allow weekend drop-offs or pick-ups ($$$) so we had to wait until today.

Here’s Irie:

and Sierra:

This is the longest I’ve been separated from the dogs since we rescued them from the pound almost 9 years ago.  In anticipation of their return, I thought I’d post this cool video, from a US soldier who was reunited with his dog.  You can see how excited the dog is.  So cool!  Can’t wait til you’re home, Irie and Sierra!


All the best,

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