courage by john wayneMan can I relate to this!  So many times in my life, I’ve been terrified, almost frozen with fear.  My hands shaking, heart pounding in my ears, butterflies in my stomach, and a cold sweat.

What’s surprised me over and over again, is that in nearly every case, the fear was much scarier than what I feared.  The saying “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself” is certainly true in my life.

The last time I remember being really scared was about a year ago, when I had to have a very difficult conversation with someone, who I knew wouldn’t want to hear what I had to say and would probably be very angry.  I dreaded making that call for several days and I tried dialing the number a few times, and hung up before I dialed the whole number.  I was near panic.

Finally, I just took another deep breath, dialed the number all the way, and had the conversation.  It wasn’t a pleasant conversation to say the least but it certainly wasn’t worth all the heartache I put myself through, dreading the call.  I was so relieved when the call was over and in retrospect, it was actually a pretty funny call because the person was so much more upset than the situation called for.

Long story short – try to remember the next time you’re scared, to just keep going.  The fear is almost always worse than what you fear.

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